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This is the website for the Christian Endeavour Union of Great Britain and Ireland - an organisation which trains and equips today's young people to be tomorrow's church leaders


What we do

Christian Endeavour encourages the youth of today to learn more about Christian faith through studying the Bible and how doing so can enhance and help them fulfil their lives. It also works to develop the contribution they can make to the world around them and to the church.

It helps facilitate the teaching of the Bible though regular weekly studies carried out through the local church. It provides hands on opportunities to actively take part in weekly services. This develops skills and a sense of personal value as well as being fun.

You too can be part of What we do - contact us to find your nearest link.

Who we are

Christian Endeavour is a Christ-centred, Church-based organisation, which caters for all age groups within the church from juniors through young adults to seniors, but its main emphasis is on youth.

A young minister, Dr. Francis Clark, founded Christian Endeavour in his church, Williston Congregational, in 1881. He wanted an organisation, which would help young people who had just given their lives to Christ to grow in their faith and to be trained for His service.

The work he started continues today through a network of local, regional and national groups throughout the world. Read more

What we have

A host of resources are available both in print and, in due course, online. We continue to develop our resources to help those who wish to further their Bible knowledge and involvement in Christian Endeavour.

You can become more involved in Christian Endeavour through our network of local, regional and national groups throughout the world.

We welcome all enquiries

Christian Endeavour is an international organisation with activities taking place somewhere in the world every week. In the British Isles, Christian Endeavour operates in local areas throughout our region and have people ready to help you whatever your enquiry may be.

To find out who best to contact, please visit our Contact Us page.

Thank you for your interest in Christian Endeavour.