Who we are

Christian Endeavour is

  • Christ-centred and Church-based
  • non-denominational and world-wide
  • focused on claiming and training - bringing people, especially young people, to Christ training them for Christ's work

Christian Endeavour works through

  • regular group meetings
  • active participation - each person learning by taking part and developing at their own pace and within the abilities that they have
  • scripture-based studies

Christian Endeavour's aim is that every member

  • will grow in faith and in the knowledge of the Bible
  • will be able to undertake positions of varying degrees of responsibility within the church

Christian Endeavour's motto identifies its purpose.

'For Christ and the Church',

The Christian Endeavour Union of Great Britain and Ireland is a supranational body which gives support to the National Christian Endeavour Unions within the British Isles. In turn, the National Unions provide backing and encouragement to local groupings and individual groups or societies within local churches, as well as providing links between Christian Endeavour groups.