About us

If you are a current member of a Christian Endeavour group, you will find useful information and help on the websites of the National Unions they will give you details of current events that are happening in CE.

If you are a past member, did Christian Endeavour have a positive impact on your formative Christian experience? If it did, would the continuing appeal of Christian Endeavour be good for your church and your Christian friends? Why not visit the website of your National Union to see if there are any events that might interest you.

Possibly you might not have heard of Christian Endeavour and its unique approach to training Christians of all ages, helping them to be even more committed to Jesus and to be involved in most, if not all, aspects of Church life.

So why is Christian Endeavour so unique? For over 130 years it has provided training and continuous personal development for Christians of all ages.

A Worldwide Movement

We are part of the Worldwide Christian Endeavour Movement that currently has around two million members, and has been involved in the training of very many Christians in Great Britain and Ireland over the years.

The World's Christian Endeavour Union site gives details of Worldwide Christian Endeavour, as well as giving potential opportunities to experience Christian life in other parts of the world.

Award Schemes

Within Christian Endeavour, there are Award Schemes which are useful resources for children and for youth leaders wishing to encourage youngsters in their knowledge of the Bible and Christianity.

Award Schemes have been developed by the National Unions of both Scotland and Ireland and those schemes can be found on their national websites. Additional material can be found here.

The Award Schemes are available to all who might find them useful. Certificates are given for each completed stage of the Award Schemes.